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Edwards ValveMaster™ for Actuation & Control of Boiling House Valves

The Edwards ValveMaster™ system for the remote actuation & control of
valves was developed to:

Accelerate the opening and closing of valves, to operate valves which are not in readily accessible places.

When a number of widely separated valves have to be opened or closed,

Whenever time and effort are important in the operation of valves.

An Edwards ValveMaster™ system usually consists of Hydraulic Valve
Actuator Assemblies, a Central Control Panel, and a Fluid Power Generator
(Hydraulic Pump Unit).

Valve Actuator Assemblies are available for all types, designs and sizes of pan
and cutover valves. Rising stem gate valves, cone valves, clamshell, flap and
butterfly type valves are actuated by hydraulic cylinders and small hydraulic
motors actuate non-rising stem gate valves. Each actuating assembly is
supplied complete with limit switch, relief valve, check valve and all accessories.
Assemblies may be shop or field installed. Usually all we need to design the
actuator assembly is a drawing of the valve or, in the cases of standard valves, a
standard model number.

Central Control Panels are supplied with a set of controls for each valve to be
actuated and each set includes control switches, signal lights and accessories.
Panels are available with 1 to 24 control positions and are fabricated in our

The Edwards Fluid Power Generator is specifically designed for this type of
service and includes a 5-HP (4-kW) electric motor, hydraulic pump, oil reservoir
and all accessories, which are fully interconnected and shop mounted for unit
installation. It is suitable for operation of up to 24 boiling house valves. We
usually include a 5-gallon hydraulic accumulator as part of the pump unit to
provide some reserve power for emergency opening or closing a valve in case of
electrical failure, and to provide for operation of the hydraulic pump on an
intermittent, rather that continuos basis.

Features and Benefits:

We now have several hundred installations of Edwards ValveMaster™
systems in sugar factories throughout the world.

Although the advantages of an Edwards ValveMaster™ system over
traditional manual operation will vary from mill to mill, generally the
ValveMaster™ system will:

1. Improve boiling house operation and capacity by reducing the time
necessary to open and close valves. This is particularly true for the
large pan valves, which are usually difficult to reach.

2. Readily adapted to most existing valves

3. Provide constant lubrication of all moving parts by hydraulic fluid used
in control system.

4. Require minimum maintenance even under adverse conditions.

5. Mount directly to the valve, with extension of piston rod serving also as
valve stem, i.e., valve and actuating component form and integral unit.

6. Provide positive fast action without danger of water hammer or shock
in fluid control system, with leakage compensating features.



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