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Mechanical circulators are installed in vacuum pans in order to reduce the boiling time. But published data from Huletts Refinery in Durban has shown a reduction in sugar color and an increase in pan yield as a result of the use of a pan stirrer.

Hugot quotes Webre in stating the advantages of pan stirrers as follows:

-Saving in time for the strike.
-The maximum temperature reached by the massecuite substantially lowers.
-Crystals are better formed, more shapely, and more regular.
-Less color in the sugar and reduced risk of sugar losses by local overheating.
-Possible ready application of automatic feed controlled by the power consumption of the motor; when power increases, the feed valve is opened; when it decreases the valve is closed
-Possibility of feeding the pan with syrup and molasses only slightly under saturated without risk of re-melting crystal.
-Less deposit on the tubes, due to the abrasion effect by the friction of the circulating crystals