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Efficient Controlled Delivery of Bulk Materials

Edwards End Dumpers, based on more than 50 years experience in the sugar cane industry, provide reliable hydraulic power and controls for the dependable delivery of bulk materials.

Features Benefits:
  • End dumpers supplied as single, dual or rotary systems
  • Field-proven hydraulic power systems and controls
  • Compact telescopic cylinders
  • One or two platforms operated by a single power unit
  • Graphic central control panel with one or two platform option
  • Manual override
  • Fluid filter cartridges designed for easy replacement
  • Limit switch location establishes tilt angle for each
  • Fully adjustable platform elevating and lowering
  • Designed for “pit” or “pit-less” installations
  • Effectively minimizes cane unloading time
  • Compact cylinder design requires a shallower pit
  • Hydraulic cylinder is protected from sudden power interruptions
  • Operating cycle is completed in case of power failure
  • Controlled cane unloading allows operator to maximize cane grinding yields
  • No power is consumed when platform is lowered.
  • Dual platform systems can be controlled by a single operator


Hydraulic Power Unit Central Control Panel




Capacity - 20 -60 tons net

Construction - All steel, welded

Dumping angles - adjustable 35 - 45 degrees

Cycle time - 120 seconds to complete full load UP and empty load DOWN

Tilting platform: I-beam construction, front axel tie-down, 10" wide

Truck rear wheel backstop - Fixed Height

Hydraulic cylinders - Two telescopic single acting 3-stage hydraulic cylinders with air bleed

Platform mounting - Heavy duty self aligning pivotal bearing designed for long life

Hydraulic control system - Electrically operated directional valve with manual override.

Hydraulic reservoir - 110 gallon capacity, baffles, oil level gauge, suction and return line filters




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