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Developed to overcome the unique challenges of coupling the top roller shaft of a sugarcane mill to the drive system. This unique coupling is ideally suited for the unidirectional transmission of power from one shaft to another while being able to flex under load. Sugarcane rollers rotate at low speed under heavy loads, which by the nature of the material being crushed, subject the drive system to constantly varying loads and to varying misalignment of the shafts. Therefore, a rugged and highly flexible coupling is necessary to accommodate and withstand these conditions. The Stemex™ Rope Coupling conquers these conditions with its unique design and by employing universally available wire rope as the flexible element.

The design of the Stemex™ Rope Coupling is quite simple and consists of front and back coupling halves connected to each other by wire ropes. Each coupling halve is attached to the shaft by bolts or a shrink disc connection and because there is considerable free space between the coupling halves they can easily be mounted & dismounted and inspected during operation is also possible.


Maintenance free!

Easy to install within existing driving arrangement.

Maximum protection for mill drive gearing and pinions.

Improves gearing lifetime.

Minimizes mill bearing wear.

Normal quality gear units can be used without over sizing or special output
shaft bearings (drastically decreasing the cost of the mill drive).

Can easily be modified for custom applications and can accommodate
severe misalignments between shaft ends.

Reduces vibration and noise during running of the mill.

Maximum angular misalignment up to 7 degrees.

Rugged and Dependable.

Proven design.


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