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Edwards Engineering has been supplying innovative solutions to the sugar industry for more than 55 years. The Edwards automatic arcing system is
purpose-built and is another in the extensive line of products designed to enhance sugar mill efficiency.

The system provides increased arcing efficiency while promoting longer roll life and improved crushing efficiency.


Simplicity – Ease of operation, training and maintenance

Repeatability – Highly accurate position control • Versatility – Can be used for straight line welding, roll building or arcing

Reliability – Field-proven components designed for on-site maintenance use

Compact – Quickly disassembled with largest component less than 600 mm x 600 mm

Lightweight/Portable – Total system weighs only 70 Kg. Heaviest component 20 Kg

Waterproof – Can be used in virtually any roll location under any condition

Safety Shutdown – Will shut down with any unexpected mill stoppages

Weld Current Shutdown – Systems stops with weld current failure



Lower Costs– Reduce consumable consumption by up to 75%

Reduced Time – Roll arced with three faces in as little as two hours

Flexible– One operator can operate two systems simultaneously

Repeatable – No manual input needed for repeatable roll welding process

Improved Safety – Operator is removed from hazardous fumes

Planned – Welding tasks can be scheduled in workshop during slack


System Components

Main Control Box – Rugged, waterproof housing with needed controls to operate the Mavrex system. Index controller allows programming flexibility for arcing up to 7 (or more) locations on each roll tooth.

Remote Pendant – Allows remote or close-up adjustments of all welding functions during operations – centering, inching , direction, carriage and wire speed and weld voltage.

Main Beam – High strength, yet inexpensive for permanent positioning to reduce set-up times

Traversing Carriage – Fitted with variable speed DC motor with robot-style
encoder to provide infinitely adjustable pitch settings for precision and repeatability.

Weld Arm – Fully automatic controlled electronically from the pendant and
specifically designed for better welding torch rigidity.

Welding Torch – Heavy duty, open arc type rated for continuous 600 amps and requires no shielding gas or water cooling. Can be adjusted in forward plane from –10 to +45 horizontal

Wire Feeder – PA-11 extra heavy-duty constant potential type with four drive rolls for continuous, positive arcing wire feed. Variety of rolls can be used, either mounted on wire feeder or at a remote dispenser.



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