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The  Opti-Feeder III™,  another innovation  from  Edwards Engineering
Corporation,  is a result of many years of development and continuous

It operates from an onboard universal power supply (85 to 264 Volts @ 47 to 65 Hz) and produces a stepped 4 to 20mA isolated output signal proportional to the chute level (in 10% increments), which can be used by your control system to adjust the speed of the mill drive or the preceding cane carrier drive. It also can power external LED’s for remote level indication.  

The transmitter operates by using a total of twenty conductive probes mounted in two 1220mm long x 300mm wide  Plexiglas windows (ten probes per window) installed on both sides of the Donnelly chute for continuous level detection.  The twenty probes are connected to ten inputs for level reading.  Both level probe assemblies are wired in parallel to one level monitor input so that the one with the higher level indication will be the one that is read at the Display Panel. 

Furthermore, two additional High Level Warning probes are mounted in 150mm x 150mm Plexiglas windows installed above the Level Probe Assemblies at the top of both sides of the Donnelly Chute to prevent overfilling and spillage.

The standard probes are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and operate at a voltage of only 15V p/p.  They are mounted on the Plexiglas windows in such a way to allow for quick and easy servicing and wiring connection on the outside of the probe assembly using a multi-conductor cable.

The  Edwards Engineering  Opti-Feeder Mark III™ Donnelly Chute Level
Control system comes standard with:

 an Averate transducer for all inputs to compensate for holes in the level.

•  a Double -Pole/Double-Throw (DPDT) relay 5 amp contactor @120 volts AC. 

We can also offer the Opti-Feeder III™ with the following options:

 Interlocks for a Knife RPM interlock, 

•  Shredder interlocks, 

•  Cane Carrier Zero Speed interlocks, 

•  Cane Carrier Speed Controls or Mill Speed Controls.

•  Self-cleaning or PTFE electrode spacers are available for use where high imbibition rates cause liquid to run down the faces of the mill feed chute,

•  Longer Plexiglas windows 

The Opti-Feeder III™ system includes a Display Panel to show the actual level in the
Donnelly Chute, which can be offered with a Touch Screen with graphics for Man ->
Machine interface.


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