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Edwards EngineeringModel: NG-5/98 oil-free nitrogen generator to produce >98% pure dry nitrogen gas with discharge pressures to 200-Bar. The unit combines a membrane nitrogen generator and a booster compressor in a single turn-key package developed exclusively for sugar factory service.

The compressor is a two-stage, oil-free, metallic diaphragm design, with air-cooled cylinders and heat exchangers. The crankcase is splash lubricated with standard ISO-32-AW hydraulic oil.

The compressor is belt driven by a 2.2-KW 3-Phase electric motor. Operating logic is automatic start / stop on discharge pressure. Integral control panel includes hour meter, hand-off-auto selector, start / stop pushbutton, diaphragm leak shutdown and high gas temperature shutdown. Relief valves and pressure gauges are supplied for suction and each stage, and a filter and check valve are included at the discharge.

Discharge Pressure: 200-Bar.

Driver: Electric motor, 2.2-KW, 3-Phase, 50 or 60-Hz, various voltages (please specify with order).

Feed Air Input Pressure range: 6.5 to 10-Bar.

N2 Purity vs. Feed-Air Flow Rate:*

98% Purity, 5-SCFM N2 with 17SCFM, 10-Bar Feed Air; 99.5% Purity, 2.6-SCFM N2 with 14SCFM, 10-Bar Feed Air.

*Requires clean, dry, oil-free feed air. N2 purity decreases with lower feed air pressures.
Installation: Indoor. Purged gas is 40-50% O2 and should be piped to a safe area. Requires electric power for 2.2-KW motor, approximate running amps 5 Amps @ 460 Volts (10 Amps @ 230 Volt). Motor starter included.

Control power transformer (230 Volt AC) included as required.

Feed air inlet port is 1/2" FNPT.

N2 discharge port is 1/4" FNPT.

Purged gas vent port is 1" FNPT.

Approximate Net Size: 2.0m high x 1.8m long x 1.5m wide.

Approximate Net Weight: 1000 kgs.

Optional Items:

Upgrade to Omron PLC controls with LCD touch screen.

Online Oxygen Analyzer (Nitrogen Purity).



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