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Long Life Mill Cap Ram Seals

As a result of its more than 50 years experience in the sugar cane industry Edwards Engineering provides the ultimate sealing for mill ram pistons with its genuine, field-proven Tigergut seals.



Features and Benefits
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Available for rams from 10 through 16 inch diameters
  • Self lubricated
  • Rugged polymer construction for long life
  • Integral component of reliable mill hydraulics system


Tigergut Seals
Edwards Engineering pioneered the design of mill ram pistons with flexible seals near the base of the piston to afford lubrication over most of the lateral area of the pistons. The Tigergut seals are tough, one piece flexible homogeneous seals which do not soften in the presence of normal hydraulic oils. The Tigergut seals also have the incorporation of one of the best high pressure lubricants in the seal itself.   Tigergut seals lengthen the expected seal service life while offering protection to the liner and piston surfaces with reduced friction. The seals undergo the same extensive Edwards quality control during manufacture.




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