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A build-up of scale is one of the universal problems that exist in all technological processes where liquids are used for heating, heat exchanging, evaporation, saturation, condensation, cooling, chilling, etc. This phenomenon is occurs in sugar juice when the temperature rises causing the loss of CO2 gas. The higher the temperature the more intensive the build-up of these rock-like formations. It is especially harmful in the sugar industry due to expensive downtime caused by frequent cleaning cycles in short spanned sugar harvest / production campaigns due to costly use of inhibitors or other chemical as well as due to hazards involved in removing it by thermal (fire), chemical or mechanical means. Another negative side effect is the increased use of energy caused by heat transfer loss with scale build-up insulating and clogging up to 50% of the juice pipe's inner diameter. This is a chronic problem in sugar factories because sugar juice is kept at a high temperature ranging from 90 to 125 degrees C.

These crystalline precipitates are composed of calcium and magnesium salts and form a very good thermal insulator inhibiting the free flow (transfer) of heat. One millimeter of scale thickness translates into an 8-10% energy loss.

Problems with scale mean only one thing - the constant necessity for cleaning sugar juice feed pipes and evaporation equipment to avoid needless consumption of energy and corrosion due to scale-to-metal electrolysis.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the production of scale in sugar factories is greatly affected by the fact that milk of lime (calcium hydroxide) is added to the sugar juice and high temperature is maintained. Based on our experience in sugar factories, the hardness and the quantity of scale on the inner walls of pipes will greatly depend on the chemical make-up of the scale and lime milk containing silicon compounds can influence in a very negative way the quantity of scale. The best lime milk is devoid of all silicon compounds or has a very small quantity of it.

Our clamp-on magnetic fluid conditioners are easy to install on the outside of your pipes and they are the most powerful (up to 11,200 Gauss-Oersted energy units) available. For a limited time they are available on a free trial basis. What we need to get started is the percentage of the silicon in the lime milk (this will influence the strength and quantity of magnetic components) and the outer diameter of the pipes that you want to attach the magnetic fluid conditioners to.



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