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Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited.
Beta San Miguel.  Mexico’s second largest sugar producer and the largest privately owned producer.
British Sugar Overseas.  A major sugar producer in Africa, China and Poland as well as in the UK.
Bundaberg Sugar.  A grower, miller, refiner, and marketer of sugar and related products in Australia since 1882.
Cajun Sugar Co-Op. Louisiana's largest sugar cooperative and the most modern factory built in 1964. Cajun Sugar manufactures raw sugar, molasses and particle board from bagasse (Duracane).
Cora Texas Manufacturing.  Located in White Castle, Louisiana. The history of Cora Plantation and its sugar factory date back to 1817.
DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited (DSCL).  The first sugar mill was established through a green field project at Ajbapur. Later an existing sugar mill in the same region, at Rupapur, was acquired.  In 2003 two new sugar mills at Hariawan and Loni were commissioned. We now have a combined installed capacity of 33,000 (tonnes crushed daily and a power generating capacity (bagasse based) of 70 MW. which is being further expanded to 94.5 MW, with an exportable surplus of 46 MW for the grid.
Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited.
E. I. D. Parry (India) Limited.  A pioneer in the manufacture of plantation white sugar from sugarcane with 5 plants in the country situated at Nellikuppam in Cuddalore district, at Pugalur in Karur district, at Pudukottai in Pudukottai district, at Pettavaithallai in Trichy district and at Puducherry. The combined crushing capacity of all the five plants is 15,800 (TCD) metric tonnes of cane per day. 
Enterprise Factory.  Located in Patoutville, Louisiana.  The oldest sugar company in the United States still owned and operated by the original family - Patout. It was founded in 1825.  
Florida Crystals owns 180,000 acres of land, operates two sugar mills, a rice mill, a refinery, its own packaging and distribution center, and a renewable energy facility, which provides electricity for its operations as well as 43,000 homes.
Guneid Sugar Factory.  Came into existence in 1962.  The initial goal was to meet the local sugar demand and reduce the importing of white sugar.  The plant was supplied by Buckau Wolf and BMA of Germany with rated capacity to process 4000 tons of cane per day with annual sugar production of 60000 tons.
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company (HC&S).  Hawaii's largest producer of raw sugar, accounting for over 60% of all of the State's sugar.
Illovo Sugar. A leading, global, low-cost sugar producer and a significant manufacturer of high-value downstream products.
INCAUCA.  S.A.  An agro-industrial company whose main business is the cultivation and processing of sugar cane to produce sugars and fuel alcohol.
Ingenio Providencia S.A. An agro-industrial company whose main business is the processing of sugar cane to produce sugar, fuel alcohol and its derivatives.
Ingenio Santa Maria.  Established in 1988 as an alcohol distillery, later transformed to what is today, a fully equipped organic sugar mill.
Isis Central Sugar Mill Company.  Registered as a Company in 1894. In the first year of operation, the Mill crushed the equivalent of 7,918 tonnes of cane to yield 807 tonnes of sugar. At that time, there were 30 cane suppliers.  At present, there are approximately 200 growers supplying sugarcane to the Mill and the cane is harvested from an area of approximately 13,000 hectares. All the cane is delivered to the Mill over 153 kilometers of narrow gauge (610mm) railway. The Mill has, in a single season, processed 1,364,721 tonnes of cane for the production of 186,159 tonnes of raw sugar.
Kenana Sugar Factory – Sudan.
Kesar Enterprises Limited.  The sugar factory was established at Baheri; District Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh in 1933 and had commenced production of sugar in its very first season with a crushing capacity of 800 TCD.  Since then its capacity has been increased to 6500 TCD.
Komati Mill.  The original design for the factory allowed for the doubling of production capacity. This has been implemented in several stages, completed in 2006. This will provide a crushing capacity of 2.6 million tons of cane over a 38 week period at an average rate of 500 tons per hour.  Komati Mill is purported to be the most sophisticated sugar factory in the southern hemisphere.
Louisiana Sugarcane Co-Op (LaSuCa).  A producer of raw cane sugar and blackstrap molasses.  In 1993 Breaux Bridge Sugar Co-Op and St Martin Sugar Co-Op merged to form Louisiana Sugar Cane Co-Op.
Malelane Mill.  At the time of it's completion in 1967, Malelane Mill was the most modern mill in the southern hemisphere. It has undergone several capacity expansions over the past forty years and currently produces 237 000 tons of raw sugar per annum.
Mitr Phol Group.  The leading sugar company of Thailand.   
Mulgrave Central Mill.  Established in 1896, the Mulgrave Central Mill continues to produce raw sugar 25 km south of Cairns as a grower co-operative, receiving cane from around 300 farms and approx. 200 suppliers.
Mackay Sugar.  One of Australia's largest agricultural co-operatives and producing more than 20% of Australia's raw sugar production from cane supplied by 1,100 grower shareholders at four factories in the Mackay District.
Maryborough Sugar Factory.  Established in 1886 as a juice mill.  Raw sugar production started in 1895 and has continued every year since.
Metahara Sugar Factory.  Established in 1968/69 with an initial crushing capacity of 1700 tons of cane per day. The factory was then operating with one milling tandem consisting of three mills and a bagasse diffuser. The original plant was supplied by STORK. Management enhanced the factory capacity first to 2400TCD and then to 3000TCD in 1975, with the same milling tandem.  Then the factory capacity was expanded to 5000TCD in 1982.  The factory is now operating with two milling tandems with annual sugar production of 125,000 tons within a production period of 246 days.
Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (NSEL).  Owner of the agro-energetic complex "Ingenio San Antonio." Its main activity is the production of sugar, ethanol and electric energy. NSEL is a leading agro-industrial company in Nicaragua and in Central America, as well as being the first national ethanol exporting company.
NSW Sugar Milling Co-Operative.  Formed in 1978 when local cane growers purchased the state's three mills from CSR.  Today, 600 members grow 36,000 hectares of sugarcane along the coastal strip from south of Maclean to the Queensland border. About 2 million tonnes of crop will be harvested and milled in 2008 from June to December to produce more than 200,000 tonnes of raw sugar.  This is about five per cent of national sugar production.
Pantaleón.  Producer and trader of sugar cane and its derivatives – different qualities of sugar, electrical energy, blackstrap and high test molasses, etc.
Raceland Raw Sugars Corp.  Located in Raceland, Louisiana. It was founded in 1850 and is a producer of sugar, molasses, and syrup and has a processing capacity of 15,000 tons of cane per day, for a total of 1,250,000 tons of cane.
Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Limited (RSCL).  RSCL has three modern sugarcane based complexes located at Varadaraj Nagar in Theni District and Mundiampakkam in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu and Zaheerabad in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh.  The plants have a capacity to mill over 10,000 tons crushed per day of sugarcane.
Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers (RGVSG), Inc.  One of the top 10 producers of raw sugar in the United States processing more than 1.5 million tons of sugarcane each year, yielding nearly 160,000 tons of raw sugar and 60,000 tons of molasses.
Grupo Corporativo Santa Ana.  Devoted to the production of sugar cane, sugar elaboration and generation of electrical energy.
SOMDIAA.  Operating in Central Africa for over 40 years.
Sterling Sugars, Ltd.  A producer of sugar, molasses, and syrup. Sterling Sugars was founded in 1807 and is located in Franklin, Louisiana. Improved innovations have allowed Sterling Sugars, Inc. to become one of the largest, most modern sugar mills in Louisiana. Sterling Sugars with a processing capacity of 12,500 tons of cane per day.
Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC).  Owns four sugar factories (located in Nanjing, Shanhua, Beigang, and Huwei respectively) with a total milling capacity of 13,000 tons per day, and a sugar refinery (Siaogang) with a melting capacity of 1,200 tons per day.
Tongaat Hulett Sugar.  A world leader in sugar milling technology.
Triangle Limited.  Situated in the south east of Zimbabwe. The Company produces over 300000 tonnes of sugar annually and employs over nine thousand staff making up a community of over 40000 people.
Tully Sugar Mill.  Established in 1925 and is one of Queensland's super mills - capable of crushing sugar cane at over 700 tonnes per hour. The mill is owned primarily by local cane suppliers.  In 2002, the mill crushed 2.38 million tonnes of cane harvested from 24,250 hectares and produced over 300,000 tonnes of high quality raw sugar.
American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists.  Dedicated to the advancement of the mainland sugarcane industry in the United States.
Audubon Sugar Institute.  A center of excellence for applied and original sugar research.
Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Limited (ASSCT).  A technical society which provides a forum for scientists, engineers, chemists,
institutions, farmers, companies and individuals interested in sugar cane technology to publish and discuss current developments as well researching recorded technology.
Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC).  A voluntary organization, established in 1987 to represent Australian raw sugar mill owners.
Better Sugarcane Initiative. A multi-stakeholder collaboration whose mission is to promote measurable improvements in the key environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production and primary processing.
Copersucar.  Founded in 1959, Copersucar has devoted its years in the market to transforming sugar cane into a major business.
Indian Sugar Mills Association.  The Premier Association of the Sugar Industry in India.
International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists.
Pakistan Sugar Mills Association.
Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists.  A fraternity of sugar technologists and agronomists working in sugar mills, allied industries, commercial organizations and research institutions of Pakistan and abroad.
Philippine Sugar Millers Association, Inc. (PSMA).  A organization of sugar millers which seeks to promote the development of the sugar industry through increased efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in a socially-responsible environment.
Procaña.  Asociación de Productores de Caña de Azucar en Colombia.
South African Sugar Association.  An organization that exists to promote the global competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of the South African sugar industry.
South African Sugar Technologists' Association.  Founded in 1926. It is an organization of technical workers and others who are directly interested in the technical aspect of the South African Sugar Industry.
Sugar Milling Research Institute (SMRI). Involved in research work and technical services for the southern African sugar milling and refining industries.
Swaziland Sugar Association.  Encourages the production and marketing of sugar with a view to ensuring optimum returns on investment for existing and future producers and to ensure the long term well being of the Sugar Industry as the leading generator of wealth in Swaziland.
União dos Produtores de Bioenergia (UDOP).
Bartens.  A publishing house specializing in the technology and economics of the sugar industry.  
International Sugar Journal.  The world's leading sugar industry magazine.
Sugar Journal.  Founded in 1938.  A monthly technical publication that is distributed to an international audience.
Brown Sugar.
Cubazúcar.  A center for independent information and opinion, having as its principal objective a comprehensive evaluation of the sugar industry of
Ecuadorian Sugar Sector.
Information about Sugars.  General description of different kinds of sugars by Bob Devine.
Sugarcane, what it is and how it is made.
Sugar, a brief history.
Bundaberg Foundry.  Leaders in Australian cane sugar technology.
Edwards Engineering Corporation.  Specialists in sugarcane Handling, Preparing, Milling, Processing, Power Generation and Pollution Control equipment since 1948. 
ŠKODA TS.  Milling stations with the capacity 500 - 20,000 tons of cane a day
Dedini S/A Indústrias de Base.  Complete sugar mills and distilleries turn-key.
SIMISA.  In the sugar and alcohol industry, SIMISA supplies equipment and spare parts with leading-edge technology.
Booker Tate.  Project development, engineering and agricultural project management services.  Technical and corporate management and technical support for both new and established agricultural and agro-industrial projects and businesses around the world.
ICE Sugar Ltd.  A British company based in London, specializing in provision of project management, consultancy, technical and commercial assistance to the sugar industry internationally.
M. N. Krisna Murthy.  Independent sugar industry consultant with 40 years of experience of working in India and abroad in sugar industry in very senior levels. The experience ranges from 12 years of working in the Indian Sugar Industry and 28 years of international experience in providing engineering / project consultancy and advisory services in the areas of project engineering, feasibility studies and project management.
PT Indocode Surya.  A private company established in 1979, provides technical and business Consultant Services not only for the government and its agricultural estates, but also for the private business sectors.
Pemas Engineers. Nigerian professional services engineers.  Specialist in sugarcane equipment operation.
ProSuTech.  Expert services in cane sugar technology.
Schaffer Global Group.  A U.S.-based, privately owned, professional services firm providing international and domestic project development, implementation and management services to the sugar, rice, aquaculture, agro-industrial, petrochemical, energy and infrastructure sectors. 
Sugar Research Group.  Founded in 1969.  Its main purpose has been the accomplishment of research tasks to solve problems of the sugar production.
Low Pressure Extraction System for Sugar Extraction from Sugarcane.
Green Business Centre. Co-generation discussion.
Sugarcane Museum.
Sugar Engineers' Library.
Sugar Production Process (Animated).
SKIL.  The world's leading independent sugar technology organization.   




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