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Controlled Hydraulic Pressure For Sugar Cane Mills

The Edwards mill hydraulic system and accumulators are based on more than 50 years experience in the sugar cane industry. Their primary purpose on mill cap rams is to establish a desired average opening to the mill, subject the cane and bagasse to pressure and increase the mill opening under a yielding force, when necessary.


Features and Benefits
  • All components are integrated into a reliable system with the power unit design
  • Mill roll performance can be adjusted with adjustable mill cap ram pressure
  • Lift adjustment and synchronization of the mill top rolls
  • Cane feeding is controlled through the first grinding mill
  • Hydraulic system verification is possible at all times
  • Operating pressure in all mill caps can be easily observed
  • Hydraulic pressure may be applied to the cap rams at the same pressure of the off side or may be independently applied to offset upward force produced by the drive mechanism on the crown side.


Accumulators - More than 10,000 Edwards accumulators in worldwide sugar mill use today. They are modern, simple, compact and efficient. Utilize pure nitrogen and hydraulic oil. Have virtually no moving parts or pistons, so maintenance is infrequent.
Top Roll Movement Indicator - Provides instantaneous and visual readings of the top roller position and movement in 1/8 inch increments. Easily installed and rugged for extended use.
Hydraulic Pump - Electric push button hydraulic pump includes self-contained oil reservoir, breather, oil filters, check and relief valves. High volumetric capacity and can start under full hydraulic back pressure without stalling.
Control Panel (shown) or 4-Valve Manifold - Provide excellent visual monitoring of hydraulic pressure on single or multiple mills. The controls allow the operator to adjust the pressures on the mill top rolls, synchronize the lift on all mills and control the feed through the first grinding unit.



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