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These units are designed and manufactured using heavy-duty materials and components proven to withstand the rigorous work cycles to which they are subjected. Should we be favored with an order for one of these Unloading Stations, we would need dimensions of the trailers, the yard area, etc.) prior to the actual manufacture of the units.

The Model 3000M station will accommodate any type of wagon or another vehicle that has been fitted for lateral unloading.

Only one man is required to operate this unloading station. The control platform is elevated for greater visibility and is equipped with hydraulic controls for manual operations, with the following specifications:

-Hook or Line Pull: 30 Tons.
-Lifting and Controls: Hydraulic.
-Pump Type: Hydraulic Gear.
-Structure: Heavy-duty tubular steel.
-Electric Controls: Weatherproof type.
-Valve: Manual.
-Mobile Base Drive: Consisting of a hydraulic control valve actuating hydraulic motors to drive railroad-type wheels. The I-Beam chassis with railroad wheels moves along a railroad track foundation.
-Counterweight: We will supply the steel box that will be filled with concrete by the Buyer.