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EEC Portfolio of Products
A PDF document that shows the wide range of products Edwards Engineering has to offer. Portfolio of Products (1.81MB)
Sugar Cane Juicers List
A PDF document that shows the wide range of sugar cane juicers products Edwards Engineering has to offer. Sugar Cane Juicers List (69kb)
Week Numbers Calendar
This excel application lets you edit the year and it will automatically provide you with the week numbers. Week Numbers Calendar.xls (117KB)
Incoterms 2000 Chart of Responsibility

When negotiating an international sales contract, both parties need to pay as much attention to the terms of sale as to the sales price.  To make it as clear as possible, an international set of trade terms (INCOTERMS) has been adopted by most countries that defines exactly the responsibilities and risks of both the buyer and seller including while the merchandise is in transit. Incoterms 2010 Chart of Responsibility (68KB)

Convert conversion software
Convert is a free unit conversion application from  This powerful software allows you to convert many units including distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and more.  The application also allows you to create your own custom conversions.  convertsetup.exe (780KB)
Hose Pressure Drop Calculator

Hose Pressure Drop Calculator - This handy hose pressure drop calculator takes the manual work out of calculating your application's pressure drops.  The Excel format spreadsheet allows you to customize your fluid and system specifications and allows for up to three sections of hose to be calculated in the same circuit.  hose drop calculator.xls (26KB)

EEC Conversion / Formula Chart
This collection of the most common fluid power unit conversions and formulas is a great tool for novice and expert alike.  Unit conversions are listed in both directions for quick reference.  Formulas include those commonly used for cylinders, hydraulic pumps and motors, and vehicle sizing.  EEC_Conversion_Formula_Chart.pdf (94KB)
Hydraulic System Initial Start-UP and Maintenance
This four page guide outlines basic hydraulic system start-up and maintenance tasks in paragraph and table formats.  Please note that many systems operate in environments or contain components that have other maintenance and/or start-up requirements.  Hydraulic_System_Initial_Start-Up_and_Maintenance.pdf (62KB)
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting Guide
This comprehensive and easy to use guide for troubleshooting hydraulic systems offers both a condensed and expanded set of tables that show "trouble" - "cause" - "remedy".  Please note that while this guide addresses many common problems, causes and remedies, some hydraulic system issues are more complicate and may require expert diagnosis. Hydraulic_System_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf (247KB)
Electric Motor Troubleshooting Guide
This 16 page guide includes an extensive list of start connection diagrams and "trouble" - "cause" - "cure" charts.  The guide also includes a troubleshooting section on AC motors used with variable speed drives and brake motors. Electric _Motor_Troubleshooting_(Polyphase).pdf (851KB)
Peak Oil Theory and the Ethanol Alternative to Gasoline
Very interesting article written by Jhon Ray on how the recent big rise in crude oil prices and hence gasoline prices have really sharpened what has long been a concern across the political spectrum -- the fear that oil is running out. PeakOilTheoryAndTheEthanolAlternativeToGasoline.doc.doc(72KB)
How to Make Rum
How to make Rum by Tristan Stephenson HowToMakeRum.doc (1.79MB)
Small Scale Brown Sugar Production
Very informative document on the small scale production of Brown Sugar. Smal-ScaleBrownSugarProduction.doc (100KB)
Small Scale Brown Sugar Production From Sugar Cane
Very informative document on the small scale production of Brown Sugar from Sugar Cane. Smal-ScaleSugarProductionfromSugarcane.doc (114KB)
How to Make Sugar Cane Syrup
The process of making Sugar Cane syrup. HowToMakeSugarCaneSyrup.doc (59KB)








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