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Centralized Lubrication Systems

Edwards Engineering supplies Centralized Lubrication Systems specifically designed for any Sugar Cane Mill operation requirements. Our equipment provides worry free reliability for Sugar Cane Mill equipment to ensure maximum up time.

A basic centralized lubrication system consists of a reservoir (to hold the oil or grease), a pump (to provide flow to the system), a control valve (to direct lubricant through various lines), a metering valve or valves (to measure and direct the necessary lubricant to the lubricated components), and a relief valve or line (to allow excess lubricant to return to the supply reservoir).

Some of the advantages you get from our Central Lubrication Systems are:

  • Improved machine reliability
  • Reduced labor cost for lubricant application
  • Reduced machinery downtime for lubricant application
  • More efficient use of lubricants
  • Reduced cost of lubricants due to efficient use
  • Improved overall lubrication of machinery
  • Reduced lubricant waste through controlled consumption
  • Potentially cleaner plant facilities and machinery due to reduced spills



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