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Heavy Duty Cane ShreddeR


Providing The Cane Industry Worldwide With Handling ,Milling and Processing Technology Since 1948


Edwards Engineering supplies Heavy Duty Cane Shredders specifically designed for any Sugar Cane Mill operation requirements. Cane Shredders prepares the cane before sugar extraction to increase crush rates at the line. This makes this equipment which makes it a vital part of the cane milling process.

The shredding action of our Cane Shredders exposes more fiber particles and ruptures more sucrose bearing cells than knifing alone. This allows the mill or diffuser extraction process to maximize the removal of the sugar juice from the prepared cane.

This also increases the bulk density of the prepared cane thereby increasing the capacity of the extraction plant. Absorbed power by milling or dewatering mills is reduced.

It is very important that a shredder with the right specifications is used for your specific Sugar Cane Milling system. With over 60 years of experience, Edwards Engineering can provide you with the Cane Shredder that will optimize the performance of your overall operation.



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