Hydraulic Drive and Automatic Cane Conveyor Control


Edwards AutoCane carrier drives, based on more than 50 years of experience in the sugar cane industry, are specifically designed to deliver precise quantities of cane continuously and automatically at a controlled speed depending on your requirements.

Features and Benefits

-Power unit integrated with Sugar Cane Flow Sensing Device Power unit comprised of hydraulic pump, motor, and related accessories, fluid reservoir outfitted with heat exchanger to cool hydraulic fluid

-Automatic delay for clearing choking knives Hydraulic system can operate either automatically or manually

-Feed rate can be matched with the mill’s maximum capacity to optimize the grinding rate

-Eliminates cane grinding stoppages due to choking or sudden excessive cane flow Increases grinding rate output with a predetermined and precise feed rate

-Predictable operation with minimal maintenance and cleaning necessary

-Processes sugar cane quicker, reducing loss of sucrose due to excessive waiting time.

Power Unit


Includes a prime mover, usually an induction motor driving a hydraulic pump; a hydraulic motor; speed reduction and reservoir for the hydraulic fluid – complete with all necessary accessories including an oil cooler and micronic filter.

Cane Height Sensing Device


Mounted on the cane carrier side plates near the discharge point. It consists of four swinging bars that are free to oscillate individually as the cane passes under them. Detects variations in the cane height, integrates it manually and sends a pneumatic or electric signal corresponding to the average height of the cane.

Hydraulic Motor


Depending on the carrier characteristics or operating requirements, the hydraulic motor may be high speed, low torque, piston-type followed by suitable speed reduction to the carrier head shaft.

Pneumatic Control Panel


Allows full control of the automatic and manual operation in one compact package. Regulates speed and monitors line pressure for both the main and the auxiliary carriers.